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The closest caviar to the illustrious Beluga, our Kaluga Hybrid has it all: firmer texture, more noticeable pop, and gorgeous earthy flavor. These robust eggs have a beautiful bronze or chocolate brown color and deep umami tasting notes, making them the perfect addition on wagyu or delicious all on their own.

Looking for the caviar most beloved by Michelin-starred restaurants? You’ve found it.

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Brand: The Caviar Co. | San Francisco, CA

Type: Farmed Huso Dauricus/Acipenser Schrenkii, China

Ships refrigerated with ice packs. Each product is packed to order and handled with the utmost care. Once you open the product, please enjoy it within 3-4 days.

We can order any products from The Caviar Co. and ship nationwide. Please e-mail for further assistance.


Sister Founded & Female Operated

We are a sister-founded and San Francisco-based purveyor of fine caviar opening your palate to one of the finest delicacies in the world. We are committed to sourcing sustainable caviar that is of the highest quality and consistency. Sturgeon have been on this earth for 250 million years and we believe it is our responsibility to help protect them.

The Caviar Co

Our mission is to provide unsurpassed caviar collections with quality, integrity, and sustainability.

With aquaculture and sustainable sturgeon farming methods, we are able to avoid impacting the wild sturgeon species so that it may continue to grow and flourish as it did once before. Through these methods, we feel that we can contribute to promoting sustainable farming practices as well as educate others on aquaculture. We’ve chosen the Trident to symbolize The Caviar Co. as it is closely associated with the Greek God Poseidon and the Roman God Neptune. We view it as a symbol of aquatic sustenance, as well as of power, strength, and honor. These are the same qualities and principles with which we choose to operate our company.


Caviar must be consumed immediately upon opening the seal. Smaller amounts of caviar come in jars. Tins are stunning in presentation and typically used by chefs & restaurants.

Please keep refrigerated and follow food safety when consuming.