Taste the finest melt-in-your-mouth beef from rare and award-winning wagyu farms around the world.

Like wine, each brand/region of Wagyu will be distinct. Learn the differences in textures and flavors by tasting. Each steak comes with a printed card so you can follow along.

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16oz Ribeye | Reserve Gold

our top of the line ribeye steak may be the crossed Australian wagyu steaks you'll ever get your hands on.


12oz Striploin | Washugyu

one of the best programs in America, led by wagyu experts from Japan living in the U.S.


About 4oz Striploin | A5 Drunken

the world-famous takamori drunken wagyu by numamoto, specially fed with sake mash (fermented rice) from dassai-asahi brewery


• Our wagyu tastings are popular gifting sets.

• Ships frozen with ice packs. Thawing is natural during transit.

• Consume over time by thawing as needed, or eat all in one sitting as a wagyu flight.

• Click on each steak above for complete product listings, easy cooking instructions, storage/thawing, and more information.