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What is Papa Wagyu?

We're a team of wagyu experts who are passionate about sourcing exceptional, small-production wagyu. We love sharing the stories behind each farm in Japan, Australian, and America. Consider us your trusted wagyu guide and butcher shop combined into one.


Where do you source your products from?

Whether its full blood Japanese Wagyu or F1 Australian/American Wagyu, we're obsessed with finding the highest quality in each category. Our direct relationships with the farmers and importers allow us to find gems within the industry. 


Where are the steaks cut?

Japanese & Australian wagyu is imported into the U.S. and goes through USDA inspection.

After inspection, our USDA facility processes the whole pieces into steak form. The USDA facility opens the original vacuum seal bag to cut, vacuum seal, and freeze the wagyu steak to preserve quality. 


Why is the wagyu frozen? 

Highly marbled wagyu beef stores well frozen because of the high intramuscular fat content. By freezing the beef in the vacuum sealed bag, the quality of the beef is preserved. This process is similar to how most sushi consumed in the U.S. is frozen, including toro (fatty tuna).


How does shipping work? 

Please visit our shipping page for more information.


How do I know where my beef is coming from?

Japanese Wagyu has unique traceability, which tracks where the Wagyu came from all the way to the original farmer. Each Japanese Wagyu piece will have a unique, 10 digit cattle ID #, which you can input the number on this website.