About Us


We're committed to building a community of philanthropists across different industries who want to help others. 

Papa Wagyu was founded by Sean in the pandemic to ship a moment of happiness during difficult times. Success is about bringing our communities more closely together - to enable greater personal connection, mindset growth, and break down barriers.
People often consume wagyu in celebratory settings and delicious steak is a universal language most people understand. Individuals often experience new cultures first through food and his mission is to build a brand that is uniquely poised to bring multicultural communities together.
Sharing a meal allows individuals to get to know each other more personally and creates a safer space for open dialogue. Dinner tables forge new communities and strengthen existing relationships.



I find purpose in life by serving and uplifting others






Papa Wagyu makes it for you to share the best steak in the world with your loved ones through masterful curation, delivery, and simple cooking techniques. 

We hand select our beef alongside a team of experts to give you access to rare and award winning wagyu. We have close relationships to the farmers in Japan and share their passions through storytelling.